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Semi-Permanent make up

What is Semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is implementing pigment into the papillary layer of the dermis. Semi-permanent makeup is a general term that implies a number of different procedures that result in permanent markings on the face that look like a specific makeup product was applies.

The prefix semi stands for the short-term effects of these permanent makeup treatments that usually last for a couple of years depending on the procedure.

How does it work?

Some of the semi-permanent procedures are: Semi-permanent eyebrows Semi-permanent lipstick Scalp micro pigmentation Micro pigmentation of skin imperfections All the procedures mentioned have one thing in common; the results are achieved by injecting pigments into the skin between the dermis & the epidermis using micro needles. The color of the pigments varies according to the area treated. Benefits: It provides you with long-lasting results.

Don’t have to worry about maintenance. It’s an easy solution for eyebrow hair loss. Semi-permanent makeup is painless & effective. The results are natural looking.

Gives a more confident look. Stays an all days & all night. It helps to frame your face & often take years off!

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