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Radiofrequency (Rf)

What is RF?

RF system delivers a special radio frequency band deep into the human body which reverts into bio energy with deep heat, & it will increase self-healing power resistance.

This deep heat will help you with problems such as cellulite, blood circulation, elimination of toxins, & even hair loss.

How does RF work for hair growth?

The RF can help to accelerate blood circulation on the forehead by 20-30% & top of the head by 40-60%. Based on that, RF can help oxygen & nutrition lead to hair follicles, which helps to prevent hair loss. The RF can stimulate the hair follicle effectively, improve immunity & hair density.

This latest Radio frequency hair growth treatment equipment prevents badness.

The recommended treatment time will vary depending on skin type & individual concern. Benefits: Revitalize hairs high frequency improves the blood circulation in hairs which leads to the supply of sufficient quantity of nutrients to the hairs. Manages thinning hairs. New cell generation.

Prevents dandruff & itchy scalp. Reduces hair fall. This treatment removes excess layers of dead cells from the scalp. The oil massage will move directly into the hair follicles and making them strong.

Improves hair growth. Improve secretions. Improves the secretions of sebaceous glands. Sebum is important for making hairs healthy and shiny.

Radiofrequency (Rf)